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360° Support for your Early Years Business

360° Support for your Early Years Business

You are not alone. We've got you...

With over 30 years experience of in developing business models from scratch, sustaining a profitable group of settings, to implementing incredible daily practice via a team of over 100.  We have the knowledge, tools, and passion to support you to do the same on any scale.

Welcome to the Early Years Consultancy element of ‘The Nurture Cove’


We are thrilled to introduce ourselves as experts in business start-ups and sustainable practice in the early years sector. Our mission is to support and guide individuals and organisations in providing the best care for children through targeted training and bespoke support.


Led by our experienced Managing Director, we are driven by a passion for early intervention. We strongly believe that early years play a vital role in a child's development and well-being. By focusing on building strong foundations during these crucial years, we can set children on a path to lifelong success and happiness.

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Our approach is founded on first-hand experiences and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with working in the early years sector. We have walked the path ourselves, and we are here to share our knowledge and expertise with you.


As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we are actively researching relational pedagogy. This research has led us to develop The Amber Effect, a framework and approach that enhances the quality of care and education provided to children. Through our training and development programs, we aim to empower practitioners to effectively support children's unique needs, strengths, and interests.

Our Two Support Models
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A powerful support plan, focusing on the foundations of sustaining a profitable business and filling your professional cup.

From finance to policies, team management to cohort tracking; we've got the tools to support the smooth running of your setting.

Fascination Approach Transp.png

This model focuses on implementing the very best early years practices into your settings, led by happy, successful teams.

Using the Fascination Approach, we'll return wonder and magic to your setting, without creating you more work.

For me, The Burrow has been a blessing, My child has had the chance to improve at their own pace in a well prepared and all understanding team & environment.

Parent via Nurture Cove approved setting.

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