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Drop Off Meltdowns & Separation Anxiety.

Leaving your little ones for the day is never easy, but it's infinitely harder when the transition is turbulent.

We've put together some of our top tips to help things become a little smoother.

- Be honest!

It may seem tempting to sneak out & avoid the upset, but it's better to be honest with your little one, no matter how young they are. Creating a unique routine of saying goodbye will help create positive links between you leaving, them having fun & you coming back!

- Plan ahead.

Preparation helps to ease them into a situation gently. Pop their nursery clothes out together the night before whilst talking about the things you're both looking forward to the next day.

- Create calm.

Where possible, get up early & take your time through your morning routine, try not to rush around or create a stressful environment. Your little one will appreciate the time to connect with you before having to leave you.

- Be kind to yourself!

Guilt is inevitable, but know that your childcare setting is working to build trust with your little ones & strengthen the bond that provides a feeling of safety. Check in with your setting whenever you feel the need to, they'll be happy to provide feedback to reassure you.

We hope you found this helpful & we'd love to know if our tips have helped to improve your drop offs!

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